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Quick stats / system results

Our systems have generated

Big numbers for major B2B operators.

Testimonials / What our partners say

What our partners have to say

Hear what top B2B business owners say about working with us.

"The quality of calls we are getting is unheard of..."

Ashley Wright
Founder of Smash Cactus Media

"We've closed around $26k in new deals..."

Rowan Stainsby
Founder of Kraft Digital Agency

"I didn't believe it but we've just had 12 meetings in row..."

Marshall Nyman
Founder of Nymo & Co

"We are on track to close over 6-figures in revenue by next week..."

Suhit Amin
Founder of Saulderson

Case Study / Insight into success

How Oscar used the In-House Outbound System to collect $28k in 1 month.

Oscar is an expert YouTube strategist having worked with some of the biggest household names like Mr Beast.

Amassing over 6 years of experience and racking up over 650 million views Oscar still didn’t have a proper outreach strategy in place relying on referrals and word-of-mouth marketing.

Find out how he's gone from struggling to generate new leads to signing 4 new clients in the first month of cold outbound cashing in $12k upfront & $16k in monthly recurring revenue.

" I'll tell you what Tom, like, you've completely changed the game, man. Like, it's been unbelievable. Great to work with you. And all the leads that I've had are warmed perfectly, and they're qualified.

Oscar Gracie
‍‍Founder of

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FAQ's / Answers

Frequently asked questions

Answer's to the most commonly asked questions

Q: What is your guarantee?

We guarantee that we will build you the system in 7 business days or you don't pay.

Q: I've tried cold email and it doesn't work?

99% of the businesses I’ve worked with and spoken to have tried cold email. The problem is 99% are doing it completely wrong. When done correctly cold email is the no.1 way to produce consistent, high-quality deal flow in an extremely cost-effective way. The likely hood is, you are reading this after receiving one of our cold emails!

Q: What's included in the system?

Guaranteed deliverables:
-20 fresh secondary domains & workspaces built in with SPF, DMARC & DKIM protocols
- 4000 verified, cleaned leads that match your ideal client profile (ICP).
- 6-8 cold email sequence with full AB testing + spintax.
- 30+ Video + Written SOP's

- 6 weeks of direct support to maximise your campaigns.
- Source, hire & train an inbox manager for your campaigns.

Q: How much of my time do I need to invest?

As much time as you want or as little as you want. The system we build is automated and comes with 30+ SOP's covering everything from maintenance, expansion, copywriting, lead scraping, inbox management, reply templates so you can get the maximum results out of the system.

Q: I have team of SDR's is this system worth it?

Yes, this system is designed to provide consistent new leads for your business so your sales team can focus on closing deals and not burning out cold calling and messaging prospects.

Q:  When can I launch my outreach campaign? 

Domains require 2 weeks of warming before you can send cold email campaigns. During the handover process we'll tell you the exact date you can start outreach.

Q: How do you charge?

We charge a 1x payment for us to build the system for you. This means no long term commitment or expensive monthly retainers.

Q:  Do you require a time commitment? 

No we don't have a time commitment.

Q: Why should I go In-house instead of hiring a lead generation agency?

The lead gen industry is full of cowboys promising the world and consistently failing to deliver. Top B2B businesses understand this and build their outbound systems in-house.

Check out the video testimonials and client interviews above too see direct results of the system.

Q:  What are the monthly costs?

We charge a 1x cost for the system and built out.

Outside of this there are software costs of running the system that won't exceed $300 / month.

Q:  How many messages can your system send each day? 

The system can send 1000 cold emails every single day.

Q:  I want to work with you, how soon can we get started? 

Straight away, book a call and I'll show you the next steps.

Q:  I want to find out more about you, where can I look? 

Check out my YoutubeLinkedin

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